Registration Fee

  • $25 per Single Student - OR -
  • $35 per Family

(Due at time of registration)

Monthly Tuition

All tuitions are based on an average of four lessons per month. Some months may have more than 4 lessons some may have fewer.  All classes will meet a minimum of 36 times during the season.  Holidays and a minimal amount of snow days are built in to our season.  Should the number of snow days exceed what is planned, make up classes will be scheduled in the spring.  Tuition is not refunded or pro-rated for weather cancelations.

Monthly Payments Monthly Payments
Hours per Week Online In-Studio
45 min. $55 $60
1 $60 $65
1.25 $70 $75
1.5 $75 $80
2 $100 $100
2.5 $115 $120
3 $130 $135
3.5 $145 $150
4 $160 $165
4.5 $175 $180
5 $190 $196
5.5 $205 $210
6 $220 $225
6.5 $235 $240
7 and up $250 $255

** Tuition calculated per student
(Due by the first of every month)


  • Siblings – Take 10% off lowest tuition
  • Returning students who register for fall classes during the month of May receives free registration

Drop in Rate

  • $15 per hour

(Due upon each visit)

Recital Pricing – Performance Date: June 18, 2016

  • $35 Production fee for first student (Due by June 1st)
  • $20 Production fee for each additional sibling (Due by June 1st)
  • Mini Movers (purchase) – $40 per costume (Due by May 1st)
  • Jump Start (purchase) – $60 per costume (Due by February 1st)
  • Ages 8 to 13 (purchase) – $70 per costume (Due by February 1st)
  • Ages 14 & up (purchase) – $80 per costume (Due by February 1st)

Payment Policies

  • The first month’s tuition is due upon registration. All other months are due on the first of each calendar month. New students joining in the middle of a month will have their class charges pro-rated for that month.
  • We accept cash, check & credit cards. We have online payment options and also provide automatic bill pay in which your account balance is paid automatically on the first of each month.
  • All tuition payments made at the studio will have an additional $5 per month processing charge. (The exception to this is priority registration periods for returning students)
  • A 10% late fee is accrued on the 10th of each month for all accounts that have unpaid tuition
  • All families are required to have a valid credit card on file.  Any outstanding tuition balance still remaining on the 20th of each month will be charged on the primary credit card on file.
  • Tuition is non-refundable.
  • Tuition will not be refunded for missed classes, but students are welcome to make them up.