Blue- Blue level classes are designed for a variety of different students.  There are no pre-requisites or requirements to enroll in a Blue level class.  Because of this we can accommodate students who are just beginning to train in dance or a student who has been dancing for a couple of years.

Red- Red level classes are designed for students who have been training in dance for several years and enrollment in this level is by teacher recommendation only.  Students enrolled in most Red level classes are also required to be enrolled Ballet.  The only exceptions to that rule is enrollment in Red Tap or Red Hip Hop.  Students enrolled in the Red level classes are expected to train at a more intensive level.  If you have a new student who has been dancing for a while and would like to have them evaluated for the proper level placement, please contact us and we would be happy to set up a trial class to evaluate them in.

Company- Company classes are only for students who have been accepted into the program through our audition process every spring.

Dress Code

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Dress Code

Class Descriptions

Ballet- 60 minute class that covers Ballet technique.  We primarily teach Russian School of Ballet however we also believe that students should also have a well rounded education by being exposed to other Ballet school technique and terminology.  Some of the other Ballet schools that are referenced in class are Vagonava, Cecchetti and Royal.  While Ballet is a highly technical style of dance, we also emphasize artistry and foster a love of expression through movement in our methodology.

Tap- 60 minute class.  This is an uniquely american art form in which movements are expressed through rhythmic footwork.  We believe in a balanced approach to teaching tap that incorporates both a rhythm and technique.

Jazz- 60 minute class.  This is a fast paced and technical form of dance with emphasis on style and performance.

Contemporary- 60 minute class.  This is both a highly technical and expressive art form.  Emphasis is on musicality, dynamic movements and technique.  Enrollment in Ballet is required to enroll in Contemporary.

Hip Hop- 60 minute class. It provides an equal emphasis of fun, creativity, and technique in an age appropriate setting.  This is a fast passed, high energy and fun class where students are free to express and cultivate individual stylized movements within a structured classroom setting.

Acro- 60 minute class. This class works as a supplement to dance training (but can also be taken on it’s own) with an emphasis on strength and flexibility.  Students work on basic tumbling and acrobatic skills.

Scottish Highland- 60 minute class. This is a traditional Scottish dance that is rich in history and develops stamina and strength.

Junior Fall Schedule

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6:30pm-7:30pm Jr. Highland 1&2

7:30pm-8:30pm Jr. Pre-Premier & Premier Highland


4:30pm-5:30pm Jr. Red & Blue Contemporary (this class also requires enrollment in Ballet)

5:30pm-6:30pm Red Jr. Tap

6:30pm-7:30pm Blue Jr. Ballet

7:30pm-8:30pm Blue Jr. Tap


5:30pm-6:30pm Red Jr. Ballet

6:45pm-7:45pm Blue & Red Jr. Acro

7:45pm-8:45pm Blue Jr. Jazz


4:30pm-5:30pm Blue & Red Jr. Hip Hop

5:30pm-6:30pm Red Jr. Jazz

6:30pm-7:30pm Jr. Company (audition only)