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Welcome to our studio

Let’s face it, dancing requires A LOT of vulnerability.  That can be scary.  Most of us know how it feels to go to our first high school dance and wonder what everyone thinks of you.  Have you ever been at a wedding and stuck to your 3 go-to moves on the dance floor for fear of really letting loose and having everyone think you have gone off the deep end?  It is our goal to provide a supportive place in our community where students feel safe and confident enough to be able  to explore their potential as a dancer.  A place where they know they can express themselves with no judgement.  Due to this type of learning atmosphere, we believe dance training helps build confidence.  We also believe that before you can train a child at the most intensive level you first have to build their confidence, self worth and trust before they are able to work to their fullest.  While we have high expectations of our dancers, hard work is inspired rather than demanded.  We understand that not every student will go on to be a professional dancer, but we hope to be able to equip all of our students with a tool box of life lessons that will be able to serve them well regardless of the path life takes them on. In every dancer that we train, from our littlest Mini Mover to our most advanced college bound dancer, we hope to build…

  • Confidence
  • Self Worth
  • Positive Work Ethic
  • Goal Setting Abilities
  • Leadership
  • And Artistry!

Artistry Boutique

For your convenience, we have a boutique in our studio that offers all of the items needed for your child’s class.  If we do not have what you need in stock we can place an order for you and you do not have to pay any additional shipping costs.  Our goal is to provide quality dancewear at a reasonable price.  We also proudly cary Capezio dance shoes for purchase in our boutique along with other reputable name brand dancewear makers.  For class dress code information, click below.

Dress Code

Parent Observation

In our parent waiting area we offer monitors with a video feed into your child’s class so that you may be able to observe them without being a distraction.  We find that most students forget that they can be seen by their parents and dance like no one is watching, but you get the enjoyment of being able to watch them grow.  We also provide free wifi for parents who would like to connect and multi task while your student is in class.

Snack Bar

Although dancers are artists, we train our bodies like athletes.  Therefore; snacks before, during and after class should be food fuel.  We offer a variety of healthy snacks and water at our front desk for students and parents to purchase if needed.  We also have dairy, nut and gluten free options for those with dietary allergies or restrictions.  All snacks can be purchased with cash or we can keep a tab for you and add it to your account every month when you pay tuition.

You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.

Martha Graham