Student Handbook


We would like to welcome you to Artistry Dance Center. We are proud to offer the finest in dance education to our students. We are committed to offering each student an exceptional dance education, which foundationally develops students physically, intellectually, culturally, emotionally, and socially. We look forward to an exciting and rewarding year.

This handbook is filled with information covering the entire school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at any time. We suggest you keep all communications for the school year as you receive them from our office. We send out and notices and reminders by email, and post to our Facebook page regularly.

Please be sure to keep your email information current with our office. Also, please add the following email addresses to your account on file so important information is not delivered to your spam folder.



We will also make hard copies of all communication available at the studio. Look for these to be posted in the hallway on the bulletin board.

Thank you for taking the time to carefully read through all of this information. The entire faculty and staff wish you a fantastic year of dance!

Warmest Regards,

Melissa Cook


General Studio Policies

Dance class is education and fun, however, an important part of class work is developing an attitude of discipline and respect for teachers and fellow students. We trust that these policies will provide an environment whereby classes at Artistry Dance Center will be a pleasure for all.

Please note the following guidelines regarding all classes:

1. We request that you arrive at the studio with plenty of time to prepare for class. Parents, for your children’s safety, please be available in the building to receive your student when they are dismissed from class. We will not release any student to anyone other than his or her legal guardian without prior arrangement.

2. We request that students and parents carefully observe our dress code outlined elsewhere in this booklet. Anyone arriving in inappropriate attire may be asked to sit and observe class instead of participating.

3.Personal belongings must be stored in specified areas. See teacher or front desk for details. Artistry Dance Center is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items left unattended during class time.

4.All students are encouraged not to leave the room once class has begun. Please allow for appropriate restroom use prior to class. Very young children will be treated sensitively as the need arises. Preschool children may need a parent’s attention from time to time for various reasons including bathroom or behavior issues. Please do not leave the building when young children are in class without informing the office and having another adult responsible during your absence. We make every effort to have all children feel safe and cared for in a loving and inspiring learning environment.

5. During class if a student complains of being ill, or sustains an injury and cannot participate, the instructor will send them to the office where the parents will be notified if not on the premises.

6. All students should have a dance bag with their shoes, water, bobby pins etc. Students that are taking multiple classes in a row need to bring a nutritious snack and plenty of water.

7. All students in Mini Movers and Jumpstart classes (ages 2-7) must bring a dance bag into class with all appropriate shoes. Be sure the student’s name is clearly marked on all bags and shoes.

8. School age children and teens: please practice respect. Students are not to be socializing in a disruptive manner during the class or anywhere in the Studio. Please come early or stay late to enjoy friends in the waiting area. Please honor your teacher and fellow students by giving your full attention and respect both in the class and in the Studio.

9. We appreciate the need to bring siblings along as you wait for your student. Please be mindful of your children’s behavior while in the waiting area. We suggest you bring quiet games or toys to occupy siblings as we strive to have Artistry Dance Center be a place where all parents can enjoy watching their child in class. Please do not leave siblings unsupervised at any time.

10. No one is allowed to sit in any studio and watch during regular class time without the express permission of either Melissa Cook or the teacher.  Monitors in the waiting area are provided for all to observe class.

11. The only beverages allowed in the building are water and clear juice only.  You will be asked to take outside any soda, sports drinks, coffee, energy drinks and the like.

12. We require a minimum enrollment of 5 students in order to continue to provide a class.  Should student enrollment in any class drop below this number at any point in the season, we reserve the right to cancel the class.  While class cancelations are rare and we try our best to accommodate every student, they can occur.


Attendance Policies

Regular attendance is expected and important, as dance skills are cumulative over the course of the year. Should a student’s attendance become irregular, a parent may be contacted.

If a student is unable to participate in class due to a temporary injury or other legitimate reason, we encourage them to observe class and take notes. Please notify the office if a student is to observe class.

If a student must miss class, please call or e-mail so that we can inform the teacher.

Any student age 5 or older arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted to class without teacher permission.

Mini Mover students will not be permitted to participate in class if they arrive more than 10 minutes late. NO EXCEPTIONS.  It is ideal for all Mini Movers students to enter the classroom together.  It is highly disruptive to the class function when a student enters late. We know this might seem like no big deal for some children, but please keep in mind that many of our Mini Movers have never been in a classroom environment or away from their parents for any prolonged length of time.  Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

If you arrive anytime after class has begun, please ask at the front desk for assistance in taking your child into the class. Once class has begun, on one should be opening the door to a classroom unless it is studio faculty.

Shortened Classes

If class attendance drops below 3 students due to absenteeism, a shortened class may be taught. This is not considered a penalty, but with only one or two people the class is considered a private or semi-private lesson, with the one on one instruction at a group price. 1 hr classes will be taught for 40 minutes; and 1.5 hour classes will be taught for 1 hour.


Make-up Classes

If you miss a class, you may make it up by attending another appropriate level class.

The make up class may be in another dance style.

Please make up any missed class within one month of your absence.

No credit will be given for missed classes. 

Please check with the office before attending any class as a make up.

There will be no make-up classes allowed the week prior to the Winter Showcase or Spring Recital.

Students will not be permitted to make-up in classes that are full.

Make-up classes apply to the current season only; they may not be carried over to other seasons.

For your safety and to receive full benefit from your class, please arrange for a make-up class if you expect to be very late.


Holiday & Weather Cancellations

Please call the studio at (540) 370–4866 and check your email and Facebook for updates on studio closings in case of inclement weather. We do not follow a particular school closing. Use your own discretion regarding attendance if the driving is difficult from your area. We guarantee 36 classes per dance season. If cancellations cause a class total to fall below that, makeup classes will be scheduled. If your class day has more than 36 classes, those extra days may be used as snow or cancellation days if needed, and will NOT be made up.  If inclement weather prevents you from attending a class that has not been canceled, no credit will be given for missed classes; however, students are always welcome to take a make-up class in the same or similar class level at their own discretion.

We are not closed for all of the school holidays. See the ADC calendar for all scheduled holiday closings.


Winter Showcase and Spring Recital Info

An important (and fun) part of dance education is choreography and performance experience. It is expected that all students will perform in our Winter Showcase and annual Spring Recital. If your child will not be able to perform, please inform the office no later than 8 weeks prior to the performance. It is vital that the teachers know which students will be involved in the performance.

Each class will perform one dance number. Combination classes will perform 1 routine for each style taught during class time for both the Winter Showcase and Spring Recital. Ballet classes that meet twice a week will only perform one routine in the show.

More detailed information about all performances will be sent out approximately 4 weeks prior to the performance.

2016 Winter Showcase Fees

All Production and Costume Fees due by 12/1/16

Production Fee: $25 per student

Costume Rental Fees:

•Mini Movers no costume fee

•Jumpstart  $20 per costume

•All other classes $30 per costume


Pre-Sale- Adult $10, Child (Ages 3-10) $5

At the Door -Adult $15, Child (Ages 3-10) $6

Infant through Age 2 – Free if sitting on a lap

Performers  are free for shows they are not participating in.


June 2016 Recital Fees

Production Fee – due by 6/1/16 

•First Student $35

•Additional Siblings $20 each

Costume Purchase Fees:

All Mini Mover costumes are purchased at the studio and is due by 5/1/16. Mini Movers purchase 1 costume per class.

All costumes for Jumpstart and up are purchased at the studio and are due no later than 2/1/16.  All students Jumpstart and older purchase 1 costume per style.

•Mini Movers $40

•Jump Start $60 per costume

•Juniors $70 per costume

•Teens $80 per costume


Pre-Sale- Adult $10, Child (Ages 3-10) $5

At the Door -Adult $15, Child (Ages 3-10) $10

Infant through Age 2 – Free if sitting on a lap

Performers  are free for shows they are not participating in.

Recital DVD

$20 (Pre-order Only)

Recital Tee-Shirt

$20 (Pre-order Only)

*Production and costume fees are non-refundable. All tuition and fees due to Artistry Dance Center must be paid in full before the performance date in order for students to participate in that performance. This includes any out standing tuition balance, costume fees, and performance fee.


Tuition and Payment Information

You will be paying monthly based on the entire school year of classes held over 10 months, September – June. We do not pro-rate tuition. You are not paying for scheduled school vacations and Holidays. Please see our published calendar. The calendar in each month will vary depending upon which day you have your class. Some months you may have 2 or 3 classes, others 4 or 5. Everyone will have had a minimum of 36 classes over the ten months. If for any reason you decide to discontinue your classes, you are not obligated to pay for the balance of the school year.

The first month’s tuition is due upon registration. All other months are due on the first of each calendar month. New students joining in the middle of a month will have their class charges pro-rated for that month only. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards except Discover.  We have automatic bill pay and online payment options available for your convenience.

Tuition is calculated based on how many hours per week of classes you are enrolled in. The more classes you take per week, the less the cost of each class. Tuition is calculated for each student in a family separately. Sibling discounts are applied to the lowest tuition.

Registration fees are non-refundable.  Tuition is refundable until the student’s first scheduled class of the month.  If a student drops a class after the first class of the month, tuition is non-refundable.  A pro-rated amount of money for any unused classes in a month will not be refunded.  Many of our classes reach capacity and have a waiting list.  If your student is enrolled in a full class you are responsible for paying tuition even if your student does not attend class that month.


Payment Instructions:

You will receive a monthly bill from us at the end of each month.  If at any time you would like a printed statement of your account you may request one. Payments may be made at the office, online at, or by mail. At the studio we accept cash, check, and all major credit cards except Discover.  Online payments are by credit card only.  You will pay an additional $5 service fee for all tuition payments made at the studio.


Payment Policy:

Payments are due on the first of each calendar month. Late fees are assessed on the 10th of the month in the amount of 10% of your tuition. Monthly statements will be e-mailed for overdue balances. All unpaid tuition still outstanding on the 20th of each month will automatically be charged to the primary credit card on file. Any student with an overdue balance of more than 45 days will be dropped from enrollment. Returned check fee is $15.00

To make online payments (one time or recurring), you will need to set up a secure password by following these steps.

1.Go to our website and click on MY ACCOUNT at the top of the home page.

2.Use the email address you have on file with us, and then click “forgot my password”.

3.The system will prompt you to create a new password.

4.You can then log-in to see your account


Termination of Study

In order to avoid being charged for a full month of classes, the parent/student must notify our office that they or their child will no longer be enrolled at ADC before the 1st of the month. If notification is after the 1st, full payment for that month will be due.